Handpoint mPOS

Take payments anywhere with your HiLite terminal

Getting started.
Don’t panic. It’s easy.

Download the Handpoint mPOS App from the App Store or Google Play Store on your phone or tablet

Don’t see it in the app store? Search for Handpoint mPOS in the app store or try these links

Getting set up

To accept payments, you need 2 more things: 1) an account set up with your payments provider, and 2) a Handpoint HiLite credit card terminal.

Not sure if you have one? Get in touch with your provider.

First Time Login

When you open the mPOS app for the first time, you’ll be asked to sign up by entering your email address. Then, you’ll be asked to create a unique, safe password. Note: You must use the same e-mail address that you provided for setting up your Merchant Account with your provider. That’s one way we know it’s you.

If you wish to use an alternative e-mail address, contact your provider to update your account.

Connect your HiLite Card Reader

Once you are signed in, the mPOS app will prompt you to pair your HiLite card reader.

Ensure your phone or tablet has Bluetooth turned on and that your HiLite card reader is switched on (hold down the power button).

Then, in the Handpoint mPOS app, select the correct card reader from the list provided – it should match the serial number on the back of your HiLite card reader.

Don’t see the right serial number in the list? Try this: Go in ‘Settings’ on the mPOS App, then select ‘Device.’ You should find your card reader’s serial number as an option there.

Once you see the Bluetooth icon on the HiLite card reader screen, you’ll know the card reader is connected. This may take a few seconds.

HiLite Card Reader Activation

Your HiLite card reader needs to download a few things before it can start taking your first payments. But this is easy, and it won’t need to do this every time.

Just click the ”PAY” button in the mPOS app. You’ll be asked to choose the type of payment (Card/Cash/Other) – Choose ”Card.” Then the update will start.

You’ll see the words “UPDATING READER” appear. The HiLite card reader is now automatically downloading any updates and setting itself up. It will take a couple of minutes.

When it is done, the message “UPDATE COMPLETE” will appear and your HiLite card reader will automatically restart.

If that didn’t work, go into “Settings” on the mPOS App. Tap on “Device.” Then choose “Update Device.”

Start taking payments

Once your HiLite card reader has restarted, you can start accepting payments with your mPOS solution.

Enter an amount, and click PAY.

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